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Life and Health insurance planning is a very important component of your financial plan.  It provides the foundation that protects your assets and income for you and your family.  It can also be very difficult to understand.  My objective is to take seemingly complicated problems and reduce them to simpler, more understandable issues.  We help you to find the obvious solutions and give you the confidence in your decisions.  Finally, we become you best resource for monitoring and adjusting your plans over time.
Our expertise includes traditional life and health insurance planning, as well as Charitable & Estate Planning for business owners and families. 

Health Insurance - The Affordable Care Act is here!  This legislation brings about the most dramatic change to healthcare in the history of our nation.  While a small percentage of our citizens are in "grandfathered" plans which are less impacted, most of us will have sweeping changes to our health insurance coverage in 2014.  If you are covered through an employer sponsored plan, those changes will be mostly controlled by your employer.  If you are in an individual or family plan, you will be responsible for the changes.  There will be choices such as "metal tiers" and "in or out of the exchange" and finding the insurance companies that provide you the best value and access to your physicians.
Fortunately you do not have to navigate these issues on your own.  We are fully prepared to help California businesses, families and individuals find the best solutions.  This new system allows us to continue to serve you without any impact on your premiums.
Whether you are a fan or not, now is time to get down to business.  It is important that you work with a professional to make sure that you receive the most benefit and value from the new coverages, while avoiding any pitfalls or roadblocks.  We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to serve your needs.  Please call our office to set a time for us to discuss your situation.

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Experience You Can Trust

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